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Commissioners News

The Onset Water Commissioners are exploring the use of solar panels to "go green" and save the district money for energy costs. The Onset Water Commissioners are also exploring the use of wind turbines to "go green" and save the district money for energy costs. We are exploring the funding options as well as the locations. We will update this web page explaining the project and the impact to the district when it is appropriate. These exploratory options have not costs the department or the district in any way. A commissioner is taking his own time to understand and disseminate the information to the other commissioners for discussion. There have been no decisions made and we do not foresee any action until more information is made available.

The construction on the new well is beginning early September.

The Board is exploring solutions for a new water storage tank as the present storage tank needs a complete overhaul.

The Board is looking at a comprehensive meter replacement program solution to get the nearly 1500 meters updated. we will need the cooperation of the public to accomplish this. 

Employees News

The employees have been dealing with leaks and the daily activities of maintaining the system.

The Semi-Annual meter reading will begin the second week in September.

Annual Lead and Copper water sampling will begin on September 1. This sampling is required by DEP.

The employees will be flushing water mains beginning June 1, 2010. The flushing program will be in effect for approximately 6 weeks. Flushing will be conducted between the hours of 8am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.


District News

The semi-annual meter reading is nearly completed and water bills will be mailed in early June.

As noted above, the OWD will be making an aggressive effort to recycle outdated water meters. Residents are asked to please put an up to date phone number on there water bills when payment is made. Residents are asked to contact the office for appointments at 508-295-0603.

Residents are reminded that if they have lawn irrigation systems that functioning backflow preventers MUST be installed on the system to prevent backflow contamination. 

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