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The Onset Water Department

The Onset Water Department (OWD) is a municipally owned and operated water utility serving approximately 3,000 residents.  The department is under the general direction of a Superintendent, while a three-member Board of Commissioners, made up of Onset residents elected each year. The term for a commissioner is three years. Each year a commissioner is voted in. The OWD is regulated by Federal and State drinking water codes.  The Departmentsí responsibilities include:

Protecting the wells and reservoir in a 2-square mile watershed in the well field ensure the highest raw water quality.

Operating, maintaining and improving an average daily 750,000 gallon per day water treatment facility to purify the water to a level that not only meets, but also exceeds, Federal and State drinking water standards.

Operating, maintaining and improving the 42 miles of piping network, including the water tower.

Providing engineering, design, permitting, construction services and contract administration for water projects.

Protecting purified water from potential hazardous contamination through improper connections to the piping network.

Responding to and repairing leaks throughout the water piping network 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

Support emergency and snow removal needs to ensure access to the wells in any conditions.

All of the operating, capital and debt services relating to the Onset Water Department are financed by the sale of water. An increasing water rate structure serves to promote water conservation by means of a progressive pricing schedule that raises the cost of water in blocks of higher consumption.